Synscan Goto Motor controller MC03 PCB

The MC03 Motor controller is a goto mount stepper motor controller compatible with the Synscan protocol.

It is fully compatible with the GT1 configuration program and can drive two stepper motors granting an output up to 1A per winding.


  • 1A/winding (4 per motor, 2 motors)
  • RA/Dec Goto functionality
  • 64microstep low speed mode.
  • Fully configurable for any kind of mount or gear ratio
  • Compatible with the Synscan handset
  • Fast and precise Goto
  • Stepper motors can be wired as you want, since the wiring configuration is programmable.
  • ST4 autoguiding support.
  • PCB design for ease mount on your DIY project.


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HTPSU Power Supply


This board is a DC-DC voltage converter and elevator.

With an input of 5V can output up to 320V, depending on the input current capacity.

The HTPSU has a 400V capacitor, which can grant long duration of the output charge and medium current capacity.

This power supply can be used for various projects:

  • Geiger tube power supply
  • Flash light charge supply
  • Electronic tube power supply

You can regulate the output voltage by changing the input voltage.



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USB Motor controller MC02 PCB


The MC02 motor controller board is a nice and economic way to control a small stepper motor.

This board is very simple, both to use and to mount into your mechanics.

It is shipped with a software that permits three ways of operation:

  • Full-step motor control
  • Half-step motor control
  • Microstep motor control

The MC02 can be controlled by using an USB cable, using the WinUSB serial interface, or by using the two pins on the rear part of the board.

The motor outputs can reach  up to 1A each winding.

Two led indicators show you the actual power and operating status of the device.

4 channel 5A Power drive PM5


The PM5 can drive 5 digital/PWM outputs reaching as high current as 5A per channel, switching in range of 0-5/0-24 volts at a maximum frequency of 10KHz.

The PM5 is compatible with a single motor output of the GT1 at input end, while the output connector is compatible with the old standard DB9 port, so old astronomical mountings or motors are suitable for use.

The PM5 also is well insulated, using an optocoupler as input stage, can be over/lower volted safely.

It has these features and connectors:

  • RJ12 digital input connector, positive active
  • Coaxial supply voltage, center positive
  • DB9 output connector
  • High current and voltage: up to 5A/24V impulsive per channel
  • Optical input insulation

GoTo mount controller GT1

The GT1 is a controller for stepper motors with goto compatible functionality on all types of mounts, being able to set the number of steps per revolution of a nut and a revolution. It is also compatible with any type of motor, as it can supply up to 1A of current for each winding.
You can wire the connected steppers in any order and set a parameter from the configuration application to find the right combination, without having to re-solder the connection wires.
It is equipped with these inputs / outputs:
  • Synscan Hand-set compatible input.
  • Autoguider input
  • Stepper output
  • Right Ascension Stepper output
  • Declination Stepper output
  • 12v Power input
Being compatible with the Merlin protocol it can be connected directly to the computer and driven by software like EQMOD.
The precision in low speed, including autoguide and sidereal tracking, is 64 microsteps.
The maximum speed has no limit, but must be appropriate to the load and weight of the telescope and the power of the engines.
The configuration software – downloadable here – can set motor parameters, go-to acceleration and maximum speed.
The firmware is upgradable.


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