XC8 8-input telescope correlator

The AHP XC8 is an 8-input pulse counter, cross-correlator and autocorrelator.
The XC8 accepts 5v-TTL active low inputs with a maximum bandwidth of 200MHz.

The autocorrelator mode of the XC8, turns it into a multichannel spectrograph

It supports three operating modes:

  • Counter: each input pulses are counted within the sampling time and the total counts are reported by the serial packet.
  • Autocorrelator: each input pulse is autocorrelated with delayed n pulse, the total number of correlation is reported by the serial packet.
  • Crosscorrelator: each input pulse is cross-correlated with other inputs’ pulses, even synchronous and delayed.

Each input has an independent internal 180 lines delay.
Intensity correlation can be applied to photonics and interferom

The XC8 reaches 200MHz bandwith and joins together more telescopes into a single, giant eye to the sky

eters, even optical and radio.
AHP offers both optical and radio options for intensity interferometers with its radio detectors and PMT assemblies.

AHP XC8 specifications:

  • 3.5mm TTL UART jack compatible with FTDI standard
  • 8 TTL inputs
  • 5ns minimum pulse width
  • count rates up to 200MHz
  • 24 bits sampling capacity
  • 64 channels, factor 2

    The XC8 supplies both high voltage and low voltage power lines for APD and PMT assemblies
  • 180 lines each channel
  • 5850 maximum spectral lines in autocorrelation multi-tau mode
  • 11700 maximum spectral lines in crosscorrelation multi-tau mode
  • independent delay lines selection for autocorrelator and crosscorrelator modes
  • 28 baselines
  • 57.6, 115.2, 230.4, 460.8 Kbaud sampling frequency
  • external line connector with independent switching pass-through on each input
  • Direct reading of pulse counts, autocorrelation and crosscorrelation counts
  • RJ11 connectors for easy plug standards
  • Open Source SDK

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