HSP17 Photomultiplier Assembly

The HSP17 is a photomultiplier assembly composed by the PSU and socket board, the PMT itself and the insulation housing.
The HSP17 offers various PMT sensibility and spectral response possibilities.
The socket contains a voltage elevator, capable to supply PMTs of the 1.4/1.8 Kv range voltage supplies they need.
It supports russian tubes as the FEU17, the FEU39, FEU39A and similar products.
Its plug is compatible with the XC series cross-correlators and the AHP autocorrelators, including the special versions of the XC series.
It’s directly powered and connected to the processor by a single cable.
It has a front light entrance and can house a thermal cooler or specific adaptive optics.
The light entrance has a C-type threaded input, compatible with many optical path laboratory standards.
The specifications vary upon the PMT model and generally are:

-RJ11 input plug
-Alternate input supply voltage within 400vpp
-FEU17, FEU39, FEU39A PMT possibilities
-TTL active low output voltage
-Socket on-board, with PMT substitution possibility
-Light and electrically shielded housing
-C-type threaded light entrance
-Interspace within the PMT and the housing with cooling or mechanics possibilities