HSP17 Photomultiplier Assemblies

The HSP17 is a photomultiplier assembly.
The HSP17 offers various sensibility and spectral response options.
The assembly contains the power supply and the readout circuitry.
Its connector is compatible with the XC series cross-correlators.
Power supply and pulse readout by using a single cable.
It has a front optical entrance and can house a thermal cooler or specific adaptive optics.
The light entrance has a C-type threaded input, compatible with many optical path laboratory standards.


  • Areas of application:
    • Astronomy
    • Optical Spectroscopy
    • Quantum Spectroscopy
    • Gamma Spectroscopy
    • Electron Microscopy
    • Photon Counting
    • Light Measurement
    • High-Speed Photometry
    • Intensity Interferometry
    • Cherenkov Radiation Sensing
  • RJ11 input plug
    • PMT PSU voltage: 115vac
    • Readout circuitry voltage: 3.3v
    • TTL output voltage: 3.3v
  • Options:
    • HSP17-7
      • Spectral range: 300nm – 600nm
      • Sensitivity: 680A/mW
      • Dark counts: ~300cps
      • Count rate: ~1Mcps
      • Sensible area: 10x20mm
    • HSP17-9
      • Spectral range: 380nm – 420nm
      • Sensitivity: 68A/mW
      • Dark counts: ~300cps
      • Count rate: ~0.7Mcps
      • Sensible area: ø50mm
  • Light and electrically shielded housing
  • Light entrance: C-type threaded (front)
  • Cooling or mechanics: Space within the PMT and the housing for custom design

Availability: 5 weeks

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