XC series quantum correlators

The AHP XC series includes quantum counters, crosscorrelators and autocorrelators.
The XC series products acts as counter, autocorrelator and crosscorrelator with up to 256 inputs and a maximum bandwidth of 200MHz, reaching up to 32640 baselines cross-correlated on single quantum level.

They support three operating modes:

  • Counter: each input’s pulses are counted within the sampling time and the totals are reported by the serial port each frame.
  • Autocorrelator: to obtain the power spectra of the pulse fluxes of each input.
  • Crosscorrelator: each input pulse is cross-correlated with other inputs’ pulses, with head and tail lag reports.

Each input has an independent internal adjustable delay.
Intensity correlation can be applied to photonics, interferometry, proximity sensing, quantum computing and radiation spectrography.
AHP offers both optical and radio options for intensity interferometers with its radio detectors and PMT assemblies, the C-language SDK and support for your projects.

AHP XC general specifications:

  • Up to 256 inputs for a maximum of 32640 baselines
  • Up to 4096 channels (8193 in cross-correlation mode) per line
  • 1 to 16 tau multiplier, power factor of 2
  • 5ns minimum pulse width
  • Up to 200MHz bandwidth
  • Sampling rate up to 200Msps
  • Input resolution ranging from 1 bit to sampling bits
  • Autocorrelation multi-tau mode
  • Crosscorrelation multi-tau mode
  • Independent delay lines selection for autocorrelator and crosscorrelator modes
  • Direct reading of pulse, autocorrelation and crosscorrelation counts
  • Correlation counts readout of all baselines each serial frame
  • 57.6, 115.2, 230.4, 460.8, 2000 Kbaud serial rates
  • Connectors:
    • TTL UART 3.5mm jack communication port
    • External input line with independent switching pass-through on each input
    • External 10MHz clock input line
    • 10MHz Clock monitor output line for optimal clock tuning
    • Frame end output line for external hardware synchronization
    • Sampling clock output line for external hardware synchronization
    • Strobe input line to start integration from external hardware
    • RJ11 connectors standard for easy plug
  • Open Source C SDK
  • Open Source test GUI software
  • Buy options:
    • XC8
      • 8 inputs
      • counter, autocorrelator, crosscorrelator
      • 28 baselines
      • 2048 channels
      • 24bits capacity
      • 82Hz maximum frame rate
      • 100 Mcps maximum count rate
      • 100MHz  sampling clock
      • 10MHz monitor clock output
      • frame sync output
      • 10MHz external clock input (software enabled)
      • External integration strobe input
    • XC32
      • 32 inputs
      • counter, autocorrelator, crosscorrelator
      • 496 baselines
      • 180 channels
      • 16bits capacity
      • 1.5 Mcps maximum count rate
      • 22.8 maximum frame rate
      • 25MHz  sampling clock
      • 10MHz monitor clock output
      • frame sync output
      • 10MHz external clock input (software enabled)
      • External integration strobe input
  • Custom designs are accepted

Availability: 5 weeks