XC4 4-channel intensity correlator

The AHP XC4 is a 4-channel intensity cross-correlator.
The intensity correlation is a correlation of events, characterized as pulses, between two or more inputs.
The XC4 accepts 5v-TTL active low inputs with a maximum bandwidth of 450MHz.
Its 4 inputs are then cross-correlated each other and up to 6 baselines can be obtained.
Intensity correlation can be applied to photonics and interferometers, even optical and radio.
AHP offers both optical and radio options for intensity interferometers with its radio detectors and PMT assemblies.

AHP XC4 specifications:
– 4 TTL inputs with 450MHz maximum bandwith
– 150 Vpp power supply in-connector with independent switching
– 3.5mm TTL UART jack compatible with FTDI standard
– Open source firmware
– INDI library well-tested and open source driver
– 6 possible baselines
– 57.6 Kbaud sampling frequency
– Simple protocol for user made software
– Direct reading of pulse counts and correlation counts
– RJ11 connectors for easy plug standards


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