libvlbi is an open source library and application suite for astronomical interferometry.

Interferometry is a discipline that studies the electromagnetic beam or stream interference and the obtainability of a coherence degree between more of them. A 2d interference plot of a single object observation from different locations (space domain Fourier plane dependent to the location of the receivers) shows the fourier transform of the light pattern of the object observed.

libvlbi offers functions to applications that use it to make interferometry simpler and faster.

The application suite is composed by a client application which opens a shell and can serve it to more other client applications. Client applications usually are linked to other libraries and with libvlbi, or drivers that permit the capture of the streams to be correlated by the central server. The central server offers a shell that connects to the various clients and correlates using the library streams captured from INDI servers by adding them using the vlbi_server script.

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